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A calm setting

Music to relax to and habits to practice in the name of being calm.

Zen Habits say the 7 habits of calmness are:

  1. A calm morning ritual.
  2. Learn to watch your response.
  3. Don’t take things personally.
  4. Be grateful.
  5. Create stress coping habits.
  6. Single-task.
  7. Reduce noise.

Of the 7, I actively do 3 (gratitude, creating stress coping habits, and noise reduction), forget to do 3 (morning ritual, learn to watch responses, and single-tasking), and can never get the hang of 1 (not taking things personally).

Practising gratitude has been a big thing for me in the past couple of years. People have given me a lot of support in my life and I never want to take that for granted so I actively say thank you to them. Stress coping habits? ASMR and scented candles. I know the latter has a bad rap for that sort of thing but they help me a lot. I strongly associate smells with events in my life, so the right scent can change my mood in an instant. ASMR just calms me the hell down.

And good music calms me too. Khruangbin has been amazing for that. Here is a selection of their songs for times when I’ve needed to be calm.

What habits bring you calmness and peace?


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