Daft Jams

Hello world!

Love Turning the World by Auguste Rodin (1881)

This is how every blog starts. So why change it? Hello, world!

I was sad to see Motel de Moka go all those years ago and yesterday, I had a brain wave – why not start a MP3/playlist blog? I loved their theme hence why I’m using it here (hope they don’t mind). MP3s are supposed to be dead but I still use them and I love nostalgia too. And that’s why DaftJams is here. So, hello old world!

But why DaftJams? I couldn’t think of a name and then Daft Punk came into my head. Then Daft Jazz. Then DaftJams. Daft because it’s about MP3s. Jams because there’ll be lots of them here.

All the tracks you can download will be free and all the images used are in the public domain. I want to make sure everything is as freely available to readers as possible.

Let’s start this with my first playlist.


DaftJams is an MP3/playlist blog. All the MP3s featured are free and all images are part of the public domain.

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